FDI Conundrum

The dynamics of foreign direct investment (FDI) serve as a barometer of a country’s attractiveness and competitiveness. Amidst the shifting tides of geopolitics and supply chain diversification, India finds itself at a critical juncture, grappling with the implications of its FDI performance vis-à-vis the China-plus one strategy.

Trapped in the Darien Gap

The Darien Gap is a stretch of densely forested jungle across northern Colombia and southern Panama. Roughly 60 miles (97 kilometres) across, the terrain is muddy, wet and unstable. No paved roads exist in the Darien Gap. Yet despite this, it has become a major route for global human migration.

Poaching game

The infamous Sinaloa Cartel is a major player in this system. Till 2005-2007, Chinese traders in both legal wildlife commodities and illegal wildlife products dealt directly with local hunters, poachers, and fishermen. Today, Mexican narco-criminal groups have inserted themselves into the value chain, as it were, as facilitators and/or middlemen.

Gandhian path can help farmers and consumers

As the number of food consumers was much larger than the number of corn farmers, Mexico’s government decided in favour of joining NAFTA. Soon over a million farmers were driven off their land and the rush of displaced farmers to cities also led to fall in industrial wages. What was worse, even promises made regarding cheaper food to consumers were not fulfilled. Instead of declining, the price of staple food increased steeply.