Hurricane Otis leaves 27 dead in Mexico

Hurricane Otis left at least 27 people dead and four missing as it hit the coast of the southern Mexican state of Guerrero as a Category 5 hurricane, an official said.

Delving into unique traditions and festivals celebrating chocolates

Chocolate, a delectable treat that transcends borders, has been an integral part of various cultures across the globe. Beyond its luscious taste, chocolate plays a significant role in traditions and festivals, making it a symbol of celebration and happiness in different nations.

Amp up your mixologist game

We all have second thoughts about going outside during the scorching summer months. But it shouldn't stop you from trying out the drink you've been eyeing.

Survey finds Indians softest on China among Quad countries

Indians don’t appear to be as negative about China’s foreign policy and its behavior on the international stage as the people of its Quad partner countries polled recently, and, remarkably, that is despite violent border skirmishes with the Chinese military in recent years including the one in Galwan Valley that caused the death of 20 Indian soldiers and possible loss of territory.