Mask or Not to Mask

They are available in all colours, and a massive trade survives on their sale. As heat waves blow through the city, masks remain in use, saving one from hot and dusty winds.

Can double masking for long cause breathing problems?

"Prolonged mask wearing can be associated with certain problems -- the most common being headaches, dehydration, acne and difficulty in breathing," Radhika Banka, Consultant Pulmonologist at P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC, Mumbai, told IANS.

Transparent mask raises comprehension of speech by 10%: Study

"The difference of 10 percentage points (between the latter two averages) is statistically significant. This benefit applies to more than just comprehension: the participants also felt more self-confident and were able to follow what was said with less effort when the see-through mask was used,"