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With last week’s IT loss, markets to consolidate

The week began with losses led by Infosys post its poor results and guidance for the upcoming year. Markets lost on three of the five trading sessions and gained on one. The fifth session which was the last day of the trading week remained flat.

Is Facebook paying for its many sins?

As McCardle describes it, the fact that Facebook operates on Apple phones means that it has built a house on someone else’s land. Apple, which owns that land, now wants Facebook off its property. Facebook, it seems, has not yet found a solution to this conundrum. There are many people who will be cheering at Facebook’s loss and hoping that it is the harbinger of its declining power, even if it still boasts almost 2 billion users a day.

Insurance survey for crop damage begins in Burdwan (East)

A portion of the farmers, Jagannath Chatterjee, deputy director of agriculture in Burdwan East, said: “Some couldn’t avail crop insurance for not having proper documents of their farmlands and some faced problems with the dearth of validation of their share croplands here. Still, with the present consequences, we insist absolute crop insurance for the entire cultivators.”

Shola cultivators in Bengal incur huge losses

"For generations, we are carrying on the cultivation of shola, it fetches four times more profit than paddy cultivation. Shola is an aquatic herb, it grows well in controlled water-logging levels, but the Dankuni irrigation canal which has not been dredged has become a curse for all the shola cultivators"

Pandemic spells misery for Dhaniakhali weavers

“The wholesale market for the handloom saris have not picked up while the retail marketing is not enough to generate the required profit. 'Tantuja' is the major buyer of Dhaniakhali handloom saris but the sale from the Tantuja outlets is discouraging. A major stock of the handloom saris still lay with the different handloom cooperatives in Dhaniakhali. The revival chances of the handloom business even during the festive season is bleak”

Sensex extends losses on global trade war worries

The BSE Sensex fell over 132 points in opening trade on Tuesday as investors pared their bets, tracking sharp losses in global markets on worries about an intensifying trade conflict between the US and its trade partners.