Liz Truss

Truss and Thatcherism

There was a tendency, noticeable during the last few days, to dub the economic measures adopted by PM Liz Truss and her Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, prior to their forced exit, as the job of a pair of crackpots and deviants who acted on their own.

Let’s feel good, sure, but Rishi is a British dish

This Diwali is illuminated with added lights and the aroma of sweets for British Indians, for sure. As soon as ‘Dishy’ Rishi’s premiership was confirmed at 2:00 BST on 24 October, one of my acquaintances living in Warwick

Anti-Labour Party

In politics, self-sabotaging acts are so common that they rarely surprise veteran observers. At the bitter root of most shoot-oneself-in-the-foot idiocies is stubborn blindness occurring when a leadership asserts its self-preservation over the good of Party members.

Winter of discontent

 On paper, the man who predicted everything that would go wrong with Ms Truss’ economic prescription for Britain, and which did go horribly wrong once she embarked on the path she had set out on, ought to be the front-runner to succeed her, especially as he did enjoy some support within the party.