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Monuments and memories

Public memory is not uniform or static. Statues and memorials erected in the years after the second world war are prime examples.

China, Taiwan and India

Having moved closer to the West, and becoming a member of QUAD, aimed at containing Chinese influence, India will not bow to Chinese demands.

Trilateral uncertainty

European officials argue that it is a better deterrent to keep Vladimir Putin in the dark about what measures might be used against him. Russia has apparently become the common target of both the United States and the European Union, across the Atlantic. The geostrategic outlook is remarkably fogbound even as Europe, once again, countenances conflict.

China sees red

“We urge the Lithuanian side to correct its mistakes immediately and not to underestimate the Chinese people’s firm determination and staunch resolve to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” No matter what Taiwan does, it cannot change the fact that it is part of China, the ministry added.