50% consumers prefer real estate for investment: says NAREDCO survey

 Housing.com & NAREDCO suggested that the government should hike tax rebates on housing loans’ interest rates, reduce Goods and Services Tax (GST) on construction materials, expand credit availability to small developers, and cut stamp duty to boost housing demand.

1 in 5 women investing for the first time, amidst Covid-19

Taking money matters into their own hands helps create a virtuous cycle of benefits. Seventy per cent of women have said that it gave them a greater sense of confidence and independence, and helped improve their overall well-being.

Study examines best time to make your investment decisions

The research has been published in the 'Journal of Business Venturing'. The study showed time-based factors, like time of day and whether you're a morning or evening person, can influence investment decisions and your ability to evaluate whether a startup will be successful.

Education for Sale~II

As time progressed, education came to be considered more as a private commodity, that expected parents to invest in it more and more. The traditional view that it was a publicly funded service gradually lost its significance. Its sole objective became a sort of human capital formation as a key to economic growth. Things became more facilitated through multiple initiatives on the part of multilateral funding agencies. A number of research organizations also joined with an agenda of neo-liberal ideas and policy. Education was compelled to be brought within free market forces