Indo-Pacific region

Way forward

For, the overlap of multilateral alliances in the region which has come to the fore could well turn out to be counter-productive as critics have been warning for a while now.

Blinken addresses civil society leaders in India visit

"The Indian people and the American people believe in human dignity and equality of opportunity, the rule of law, fundamental freedoms including freedom of religion and belief... these are the fundamental tenets of democracies like ours," Antony Blinken.

Ties reinforced

There is a strong bipartisan support in Washington for the Indo-US security partnership. Despite the fact that during the Trump era many international agreements were upturned, America's relations with India were not affected and did not face any stress

With China on mind, US to bolster defence partnership with India

“India is an increasingly important partner in today’s rapidly shifting international dynamics. And it’s clear that the importance of this (Indo-US) partnership, and its impact to the international rules based order will only grow in the years ahead,” visiting US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin said at a joint press interaction with Defence Minister Rajnath Singh after talks between the two leaders.