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Tag: India-France

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  • Dogfight diversion

    Dogfight diversion

    Those who relish political scraps will be thrilled at the latest episode in the Congress-Government confrontation over the price of the 36 Rafale jets being procured from France in a flyaway condition. Despite all its vitriol, with some French assistance, the Government cannot satisfactorily explain why only in relation to this particular purchase is the …

    July 30, 2018
  • India’s international balancing act

    India’s international balancing act

    India seeking to expand its ties across the globe has been receiving positive signals. Nations flock to sign security and economic pacts with India. All this because of the nation’s military and economic might which guides its foreign policy. The government has been on international overreach seeking to enhance the nation’s stature. While India has …

    June 12, 2018