Human resources

Boon or Bane

In the absence of proper planning, India‘s demographic dividend has turned into a bane. We will have one hundred crore people in the working age group (15-64) by 2030, but with an employment rate (percentage of persons employed in working age population) of less than 37 per cent, we may see an increase in the number of unemployed. The comparison with China, which claims to have 90 crore skilled workers, is inescapable; while China has put its population to work, our population hangs like an albatross around our neck

A versatile choice

Over the next decade, travel and tourism is forecast to successfully continue its rapid expansion, overtaking huge global economic sectors such as communications, manufacturing, retail and distribution among others.

Shift in trends

This year human resources business has taken considerable measures of soul seeking about the way culture, execution and learning and…

Management education

Xavier School of Management announces its admission to virtual interactive learning postgraduate certificate programmes for business management and human resource…