Hooghly River

Ahmedabad 2036

Great projects, it is said, are often marked by small beginnings, like a third, not-yet proposed bridge across the Hooghly…

Spike in river drowning deaths worries Hooghly authorities

On the other hand, trained divers are not available in the district. Local residents who live near the river ghats said poorly maintained ghats are also one of the reasons of river drowning deaths. Broken steps at the ghats are concealed during the high tide and the playful teenagers and youth unaware of the hidden danger often fall into deep water.

Landmark event in maritime history

The Port has a rich heritage and had seen the wrath of both World War I and II. World War II took a toll much closer to home for this Port, when officers lost lives in a Japanese air raid directly on the Kidderpore Dock Complex.

Road along Hooghly river caves in

Three departments namely tourism, PWD and irrigation were jointly executing the beautification project and its deadline for its completion in 2020.