KMC working to reduce dependence on ground water

As part of efforts to address the water woes in the city, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation is emphasising on increasing the number of treated water plants and minimizing dependence on groundwater.

Steps necessary to ensure Haryana doesn’t run dry

10-year study on the groundwater depletion pattern in different areas of Haryana suggested that the groundwater table of the state is depleting in a range of 0.03- 1.12 meter per year. Wells of most of the districts of Haryana have dried up. The water level fell over 30 meters in 1780 villages. This alarming depletion of the groundwater table indicates the huge water crisis in the future.

Groundwater in J&K found “safe”

The Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta chaired a meeting to discuss the findings of the report on Dynamic Ground Water Resources Estimation of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Planetary Boundaries~II

The Planetary Boundaries define, as it were, the boundaries of the ‘planetary playing field‘ for humanity if major human-induced environmental change on a global basis is to be avoided. Transgressing one or more PBs may be highly damaging or even catastrophic.