Alternative does not lie in Beijing

Human beings can be hugely creative. Although population increased eight times from 1 billion to over 8 billion between year 1800 and now, they are able, by and large, to meet their needs in a better way now compared to then, avoiding for the most part the devastating famines of those times.

Governance Model

There can be no absolute concept of minimum government. For example, apart from defence, foreign relations and currency management, the government needs to provide healthcare and education, and fulfil aspirations of the people. 'Minimum government and maximum governance' is an idea implying that government will be efficient, and that a smaller bureaucracy with more trained and skilled people will be more effective than a large and untrained one

Success Redefined~I

The narrative was, however, focussed on how the middle class was breaking out into prosperity and millions of poor were being lifted out of poverty.