General Bipin Rawat

India’s changing security threats

With China, India adopted a deterrence-by-denial strategy. There were no strike elements deployed against our northern adversary. Indian thinkers believed that China could be contained by diplomacy and economic integration. Imports from China continued to rise, with it having a favourable balance of payments.

‘People of Baramulla had special place in Gen Rawat’s heart’

Talking to reporters at a function in Baramulla to pay tribute to General Rawat, who had been the commander of the Baramulla-headquartered Dagger Division, he said: "The people of Baramulla will take a long time to overcome the grief caused by General Rawat's death".

Countering Drones

Can we afford the various layers of counter-drone systems which will be most effective? Before you start using these systems, you need to determine areas that need high priority anti-drone systems. Drone technology will keep maturing. By the time you get a counter to one system, drone technology will have moved to the next level.