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FICCI seeks 13% cut in GST on agrochemical inputs for the farm sector

R G Agarwal, Chair, FICCI Committee on Crop Protection and Chairman, Dhanuka Group, said high Goods and Service Tax on crop protection chemicals especially hurts small and marginal farmers by increasing their input cost and prompting them to use these essential ingredients in sub-optimal quantities to the detriment of farm output and their own financial health.

Punjab farmer unions seek withdrawal of farm sector Ordinances

The CM lashed out at the Centre for undermining the contribution of the farmers and the soldiers, pointing out that they had clearly forgotten the Kisan in the 'Jai Jawan Jai Kisan' slogans that had reverberated through the country when Punjab’s farmers made India self-sufficient.

Belaboured times

The promise was of 10 million new jobs every year and, ironically, the labour ministry’s own data has exposed the vacuousness of the promise, with virtually nothing by way of “real-time data on job creation” that the government claims.