European Union

Around 100 killed during massacre in Burkina Faso

"Nearly a hundred civilians, including women and children, are reported to have been killed in a massacre in the village of Zaongo, in the north-central region of Burkina Faso," the EU External Action (EEAS) said in a statement, CNN reported.

Twist in Poland

Poland’s political landscape remains in a state of flux, with recent developments challenging the optimism ~ after last month’s election ~ that had initially surrounded the transition from eight years of nationalist rule to a more liberal government under Donald Tusk.

Futile sanctions

On the anniversary of the tragic death of Mahsa Amini, the United States, Britain, and Canada, along with the European…

Warming up

Data from the European Union’s climate observatory shows surface temperatures of the world’s oceans surged to an unprecedented 20.96 degrees…

Unsafe Nepal

Nepal’s spotty air safety record has been blighted further following the death of six people in a helicopter crash in the Everest region soon after take-off on Tuesday. Often described as the world’s most unsafe country for civil aviation, and with as many as 20 of its airlines banned from operating in European Union countries

Queen’s intervention

The couple made the shock announcement without telling the Queen or other senior royals first.

Boris Johnson confident of securing tariff-free deal with EU

Johnson's visit came three days after Northern Ireland's two major parties, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Fein, agreed on a draft deal to restore a power-sharing government, breaking a three-year political deadlock in the region.