Six new land excursions

Norwegian Cruise Line, the innovator in global cruise travel, has unveiled six new immersive shore excursion categories to help guests…

Double standards

Searching for the epistemological comforts of home in a land of refuge may be counter-intuitive, but that has not stopped…

Paris 2024

It is quite likely that when, probably towards the end of this month, the International Olympic Committee starts sending out formal invitations to countries around the world asking them to come to Paris next year, Russia and Belarus will not find themselves in the guest list.

Growing influence

China’s strategic footprint is expanding across the globe. Now, it’s the Eastern Mediterranean region ~ at the maritime crossroads of Africa, Europe, and Asia and an important transit area for goods and people ~ which is in focus. Beijing, say experts, has recognised the region’s geostrategic value and is leveraging the fact that relations between regional countries have been complicated by long-standing rivalries and conflicts to get a foot in the door and more, as it were.

Disasters descend

As China records its highest temperature ever ~ 52.2 deg C in the western Xinjiang province ~ and as Sicily and Sardinia in southern Europe brace for temperatures in excess of 48 deg C