Boost to Ethanol

The burgeoning energy demand in our nation, propelled by its growing economy, currently witnesses approximately 98 per cent of the transportation sector’s fuel needs being fulfilled by fossil fuels, while the remaining 2 per cent is sourced from biofuels.

Renewable Fuels

Many oil companies have been investing in biofuels for decades, especially through research efforts and venture capital spending. In recent times, they have also entered into green hydrogen and have committed to huge investments. Much of this in current times is being driven by the need to remain relevant in a post energy transition scenario

India achieves target of 10% ethanol blending in petrol ahead of schedule: Modi

'Save Soil Movement' is a global movement to increase awareness about deteriorating soil health and bring about a conscious response to improve it. The movement was started by Sadhguru in March 2022, who embarked on a 100-day motorcycle journey passing through 27 countries and June 5 marks the 75th day of the 100 day journey.

Ethanol production grew in 2020-21

Production capacity of ethanol in the country has also increased to 825 crore litres as on September 2021, which is sufficient to meet the target of 10 per cent ethanol blending in ESY 2021-22. "This production capacity has further increased to 849 crore litres till March 31 this year," officials said.