economic crisis

Myanmar challenge

The onus lies on Indonesia as the Asean Chair to take up the leadership role and ensure that elections are held in Myanmar in a free and fair manner, meeting the aspirations of the Myanmarese people. The clock is ticking, despite the goodwill Indonesia has generated about its sincerity to seek a solution to the crisis. Indonesia needs the bloc's fierce support if seeking a solution 

Most EU countries set to slide into recession in Q4

European Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni warned that the outlook for next year has "weakened significantly", and that most European Union (EU) countries will be in recession in the fourth quarter of this year

Nepal too?

According to the country’s central bank (Nepal Rastra Bank or NRB), foreign currency reserves dropped by over 16 per cent to $9.59 billion in the seven months leading up to February 2022.

Rationed fuel

Confronted with an unprecedented economic crisis, one that has severe political ramifications, Sri Lanka has announced fuel rationing for vehicles.