Drought hits 90,000 Sri Lankans

About 90,000 people in four provinces of Sri Lanka have been affected by droughts with Jaffna being the worst hit district, the Disaster Management Center (DMC) said on Sunday.

Kenya ramps up drought response efforts

Kenyan authorities said that country was ramping up drought response interventions to mitigate the impacts of the deteriorating drought, which has left more than 6 million people food insecure.

Turkey hit by severe drought amid lack of rain

Turkey is experiencing a severe drought as dams around the country's major cities have reached low levels amid a lack of rain and an unusually warm winter stemming from global climate change.

Pakistan among 23 nations facing drought emergencies

The report released by the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) ahead of the UN Desertification and Drought Day (June 17) says over the past century, the highest total number of humans affected by drought was in Asia, Dawn news reported.

Drought: The new global calamity?

A common scientific theory opines that changing rainfall patterns as a result of climate breakdown is a key driver of drought, but the report also identifies the inefficient use of water resources and the degradation of land under intensive agriculture and poor farming practices as playing a major role.