Donald Trump

Trump’s conviction

Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts for falsifying business records related to hush money payments marks a pivotal moment in American political history.

Trump convicted, but does it matter?

The jury in Donald Trump’s hush-money payments trial has found the former president of the United States guilty of falsifying business records in relation to payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

The Rematch

The stage is now set for a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, with both candidates having secured their parties' nominations on Tuesday, less than halfway through the primary season of the election cycle.

As America braces for a resurrection

In March 2017, just two months after Donald Trump entered the Oval Office, author John Michael Chambers published his book “Trump and the Resurrection of America: Leading America’s Second Revolution.”

Trump’s isolationism

Increasingly, the evidence points to “yes” on all counts. Ukraine’s efforts to protect itself as an independent, democratic nation are suffering setbacks due to a lack of ammunition from the U.S. This stems from Mr Trump pressuring Republican lawmakers to oppose legislation that combines immigration reform laws and aid for Ukraine and Israel.

Reprieve for Trump

In a landmark decision, the US Supreme Court unanimously overturned Colorado’s exclusion of former President Donald Trump from its primary ballot, citing that only the US Congress holds the authority to enforce constitutional provisions against federal officeholders.