The phenomenon of ‘quiet quitting’

This happened just a couple of years ago. A startling fallout of the Covid19 pandemic in the corporate world was the mass retrenchment of staff in many companies across multiple affected sectors.

Dangers lurk

Of particular concern were the years when Jair Bolsanaro ruled the country, when his government rolled back environmental regulations. This resulted in widespread destruction of bat habitats

93 million more pushed into poverty by COVID-19 says a UN report

“The pandemic wiped out more than four years of progress on poverty eradication and pushed 93 million more people into extreme poverty in 2020. It has disrupted essential health services, resulting in a drop in immunization coverage for the first time in a decade and a rise in deaths from tuberculosis and malaria, among many other impacts. Prolonged school closures put 24 million learners from pre-primary to university levels at risk of not returning to school.”