Fudging Maps

Maps have always played a pivotal role in shaping geopolitical realities. They serve as powerful tools of communication, shaping public…

From bliss to battles: 5 series that depict strained marital bonds

From infidelity and communication breakdowns to deep-seated secrets and emotional upheavals, here are some shows that offer an unfiltered view of the complexities within marriages. Exploring the stormy seas of troubled marriages, each narrative is gripping with raw emotions and thought-provoking dilemmas faced by couples.

Covid Talk

Communication was important to Covid patients always. When the disease was in its disastrous phase, many patients were too sick to use mobiles.

Korean Hotline

Pyongyang has a record of unilaterally suspending the hotline on whim and then reactivating it when it needs to improve relations with its southern neighbour.

Transparent mask raises comprehension of speech by 10%: Study

"The difference of 10 percentage points (between the latter two averages) is statistically significant. This benefit applies to more than just comprehension: the participants also felt more self-confident and were able to follow what was said with less effort when the see-through mask was used,"