Cold war

2+2 talks

In a world rife with geopolitical complexities, the Indo-US “2+2 Dialogue” emerges at a crucial juncture in the evolving landscape of international relations.

Tech theft

Now, the danger which has been flagged by the alliance chiefs is that technological innovation by small companies, start-ups, and researchers is the new target.

A deft balancing act

Historically, India has maintained an equidistant relationship with geopolitical power blocs. India located itself at a safe centre in the…

Cost of battle

The two combatants in the European conflict recorded significant increases, Russia spending 9.2 per cent more for overall expenditure of about $86.4 billion while Ukraine saw a 640 per cent jump in spending to put away a whopping 34 per cent of its national budget on military needs

A critical moment for the world we live in

Without being alarmist, one must take note of the fact that the possibility of a third world war has been more discussed this year – 2022 - than any previous year since 1945.