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  • Enter the JS… laterally

    Enter the JS… laterally

    In view of the fact that 462 Joint Secretary-level officers are posted in various ministries at the Centre, the proposed lateral entry of ten industry experts at the Joint Secretary-level has generated a disproportionate amount of controversy. The Opposition has slammed the proposal as a move to undermine the Civil Service, while Government has defended …

    June 19, 2018
  • Politics in the Civils

    Politics in the Civils

    Were it not for its very serious implications, the latest proposal floated by the Government to “reform” the civil service would have been laughed out of court. According to media reports, Niti Aayog has recommended to the PMO that the present system of the UPSC recommending a list of successful candidates to be appointed to …

    June 16, 2018
  • Outlander’s intrusion~II

    Outlander’s intrusion~II

    The second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC II) reinforced the logic of increasing professionalization of the Civil Service. It suggested the specialization can be achieved through providing channels of (a) lateral entry; (b) liberal revolving-door policy; and (c) creation of a Senior Executive Service (SES) to which positions can be filled by applying the criterion of …

    September 25, 2017
  • Outlander’s intrusion~I

    Outlander’s intrusion~I

    In his two-part article, “Lateral intrusion” (8-9 September), Ashok Kapur seeks to thwart the entry of any outsider, other than the IAS, “for ‘prize’ positions of prestige and authority” in the government. Convinced as he is that the IAS alone is “trained and experienced exclusively for senior positions in the government”, he appears to be …

    September 24, 2017