Chinese President Xi Jinping

United Nations must bolster confidence: Xi

The Chinese President proposed a Global Development Initiative, calling for bolstering confidence and jointly addressing global threats and challenges to build a better world as he addressed the UNGA via video.

Signal of intent

The United States, in step with its partners and allies, is going to hold China "accountable" in the region. Furthermore, it will press Beijing to follow the rules on a range of issues, notably the contentious South China Sea. The world awaits a response from China.

Trilateral tension

A report in Chinese state news said the two leaders agreed "to uphold the political settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue and preserve peace and stability on the peninsula, so as to make new contributions to regional peace, stability, development and prosperity."

Over the moon

The moon rocks have returned to Earth and the country thus becomes the third to earn the distinction, the first in more than 40 years. The country's re-entry module of Chang'e-5, the latest lunar probe, landed in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia last Wednesday.

Tougher approach

China wants Taiwan to return to a consensus on what it calls the “one China, different interpretations” principle, which essentially means obtaining permission to function as a democracy by acknowledging Beijing’s sovereignty over its territory.

Xi’s dilemma in Ladakh

On the night of 29/30 August as per reports Indian commanders decided to send in the Vikas (SFF) battalion to occupy Black Top on the southern side of Pangong Tso on India’s side of LAC to preempt the Chinese from moving in. It could have been touch and go.