Strategic rethink

In the vast expanse of the Pacific, Australia finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with a shifting geopolitical landscape that demands a recalibration of its approach.

Future shocks

In the wake of the global push for manufacturing resurgence, governments worldwide seem entranced by the allure of factories as a panacea for a myriad of societal ills.

No place for violence II

As the Brown University’s estimates for the ‘War on Terror’ of the 21st century have made clear, if indirect impacts of war are included then mortality can be many times more than the deaths caused directly by war and conflict.

Ocean forays

As China continues to expand its in- fluence in the region, India must navigate a delicate bal- ance between diplomacy and safeguarding its national security interests.

Inevitable Isolation

Only a change of landscape with the incoming Biden administration or change of government in Islamabad itself, can reset the free-fall towards becoming a vassal state of China, as everyone else has left the building

Authoritarian dividend

The democratic world would have to have a common minimum agenda of democratic governance which would ensure an average citizen access to resources, justice and education to provide life and content to democracy. Democracies are to overcome their structural shortcomings not only to meet the authoritarian challenge to economic development but also to outwit it