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  • For a balanced classroom composition

    For a balanced classroom composition

    We often hear that an MBA is a ticket to professional success and financial prosperity. What is the magic in this two-year course? This is also a postgraduate programme like any other. Perhaps, the only differentiating part is that it trains students to understand the p’s and q’s of administering various business processes in organisations. …

    August 29, 2017
  • Comprehensive understanding

    Comprehensive understanding

    Revealing your inner self, hopes and dreams, is the purpose of the business school application essays. You must envision where you’ll be, after an MBA degree. Yet, you don’t have to spell out specific, minuteby-minute goals. But how do you go about explaining your short- and long-term goals if you’re not really sure what you …

    August 15, 2017
  • Broaden your horizon

    Broaden your horizon

    In a world full of successful entrepreneurs who didn't learn management at business school, it might seem odd to suggest that such education makes you a better entrepreneur. In fact there are people who might even say that there is no correlation between formal education and successful entrepreneurship. There is no doubt that some people …

    April 24, 2017