Could Bollywood make the impossible possible again?

The evergreen Bollywood movie “Amar Akbar Anthony” (AAA) from 1977 was remade in Tamil as “Shankar Salim Simon” (1978), Telugu as “Ram Robert Rahim” (1980), and Malayalam as “John Jaffer Janardhanan” (1982).

The Anti-Colonialist

During his life, Marx closely observed the main events in international politics and, as we can see from his writings and letters, in the 1880s he expressed firm opposition to British colonial oppression in India and Egypt, as well as to French colonialism in Algeria. He was anything but Eurocentric and fixated only on class conflict. Marx thought the study of new political conflicts and peripheral geographical areas to be fundamental for his ongoing critique of the capitalist system

Churchill and Gandhi~ II

In the summer of 1940 both Churchill and Gandhi knew that they were facing the most serious challenges of their lives. Churchill‘s mission was first to stop Hitler‘s aggression and then defeat him. For Gandhi, it was an unprecedented opportunity to prove to his own people and the world the efficacy of nonviolent satyagraha; to compel the British to grant independence to India and change the course of human history by proving righteousness and effectiveness of non-violent mass action to resolve conflicts

Numbers game

Demographic trends highlight the changing composition of British society due to factors such as its ageing population and immigration. The…

The Gritty Revolutionary

The month of August, to echo Sylvia Plath, is “the odd uneven time” as “the best of summer gone, and…