Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in men: A rare but real concern

Breast cancer is commonly associated with women, but it's essential to acknowledge that this disease can also affect men. Male breast cancer, though relatively rare, is a pressing issue. Accounting for only about 1% of all breast cancer cases, it is often overlooked.

Turning the tables on breast cancer

Breast cancer continues to be a highly prevalent health concern impacting women globally. While genetics plays a role in the risk of developing breast cancer, lifestyle choices can also influence your chances of developing this disease.

Navigating breast cancer treatment and work balance

When Priya Sharma (name changed for identity purpose) learnt that her breast cancer had metastasized and spread to her liver and lymph nodes, her first instinct was to immediately send in her resignation letter.

Easy steps for a breast self-exam at home

The importance of breast cancer awareness can never be amplified enough. A stitch in time saves nine, and early detection saves lives! While breast self-exams at home can’t replace a medical check-up, they’re still very useful in finding any abnormalities or changes to your bust.