Amit Mitra

Pegasus spin Budget has nothing for people: CM

Amit Mitra, principal chief advisor to the chief minister and the state finance department, said, "There is no direction of financial growth in this union budget. There is nothing for the poor and middle class. The income tax structure remains unchanged. The Centre's budget is either a hoax or a lack of goodwill."

Switch to demand stimulation: Amit Mitra urges Sitharaman

"I now return to the misplaced euphoria among your government’s spokespersons on the GDP/GVA (gross value added) growth in Quarter-1 of this financial year. I would like to point out that the growth of GVA in Quarter-1 of this year represents a shortfall to the tune of 7.79 per cent compared to Quarter 1 of 2019-20. Therefore, I would request you to restrain your spin doctors so that the reality is stated with utter objectivity,”

‘Majoritarianism in GST Council’

Mitra, who demanded for a full tax waiver on Covid-related medical supplies, said his demand for zero GST rate or a token 0.1 per cent would have enabled tax reduction to consumers as well as availability of tax credits to producers was ignored.