Act East policy

Northeast BJP MPs meet Modi, blame Cong for politics over border dispute

Sources said that the MPs met the Prime Minister to discuss issues concerning their states and the ongoing border dispute between Assam with other neighbouring states. The MPs submitted a memorandum on various issues pertaining to the development of the region along with border disputes between Assam and Mizoram.

Look East, Act East~II

The AEP has thus addressed the geo-strategic environment, the threat to maritime security and the need for a balance of power especially with China's emergence as a major Asian power in the context of close connectivity and cohesion amongst the nations in this region. ASEAN or the Asia Pacific region may encounter new challenges at any time with the changes of economic and political conditions at the international level and also with the changes in the balance of power.

Passage to Vietnam

Indeed, Vietnam is a strategic pillar of India's Act East Policy and this country's key interlocutor in ASEAN. Hence both countries have called for a Code of Conduct in South China Sea. As highlighted by the Prime Minister in June 2018 at the Sangri La Dialogue, India remains committed to the principle of an open, transparent, inclusive and rules-based regional architecture based on freedom of navigation and overflight, unimpeded economic activities and peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with international law.