India’s master franchise Promise Centre for Supplementary Education & International Studies recently organised the Third Indian Abacus Annual All Bengal Championship Award in Kolkata.

It was a celebration to encourage and motivate the young minds of Bengal.

This event brought students from all over West Bengal to perform on a single platform and thus assess their Mental Arithmetic and Brain Skills.

There were more than 1200 participants from all out of which 350 students were awarded in different categories. Sounak Rishi Chakraborty was adjudged “The Student of the Year Male” whereas Taneishka Mitra Ganguly was adjudged “The Student of the Year Female”

The special guests for the occasion were Dyutiman Bhattacharya, Special Superintendent of Police, Intelligence Branch, West Bengal and well-known actress, Gargi Roychowdhury.

The guests of honour were Meenakshi Roman, principal junior section, National High School, Pamela Mukheriee, principal, Jyoti Shishu Vihar and lndraiit Das, owner, Starland English Medium School, Singur.

The programme aimed to empower the brain skills of the children with the single idea of visualisation of pictures (sliders/colours) and stronger images to strengthen concentration and minimise distraction. The champions and the participating students were rewarded with trophies, certificates and gifts.

Pamela Mukheriee, principal, Jyoti Shishu Vihar said, “The Abacus tool had brought about a revolution in children’s education in the last decade. The program increased in popularity all over the world to achieve a strong presence in many countries. Hailed as a manual calculator for centuries the abacus became the tool that enabled millions of children to gain the skill of fast and accurate mental arithmetic computation, apart from sharpening other brain skills.

Abacus based computation works with the single idea of visualisation of pictures (beads / images). Indian Abacus makes the visualisation process more efficient by utilising colour images that leave stronger impressions in the brain, thus increasing memory retention. Stronger images strengthen concentration by minimising distraction. A greater ability to concentrate, visualise, and increase in quality listening are clearly perceivable in the children who underwent training in Abacusbased mental arithmetic computation.” Indian Abacus Programme offers children of the age group 5 – 13 years a great learning experience. The children trained will sharpen their mental arithmetic skills and also acquire better memory, speed and accuracy.