‘Challenges motivate me to deliver better’

Casting director Adityoa Suranna talks about his professional journey and the belief system that keeps him going.

‘Challenges motivate me to deliver better’

Adityoa Suranna.

Adityoa Suranna, who has been working in the television industry as a casting director for nine years, have contributed in all kinds of genres from daily soaps and reality shows to period pieces and youth-based programmes.

Some of the shows he casted for includes Kya kasoor hai amla ka, Rishton ka chakravyuh and Tu sooraj main saanjh, piyaji to name a few. He is proud to admit that today some of the best producers and actors want to collaborate with him for the kind of works he deliver. Excerpts:

Q. How was your journey towards becoming a casting director?


I am originally from Kolkata and completed my education from Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society. Then I shifted to Mumbai and was clueless about what would be my next step. As they say, no plan is the best plan.

I went with the flow and got into the television industry. My journey began from there as I started getting individual projects for casting. Now it has been nine years in this industry and I have casted for nearly 55 shows. Today, I feel blessed to receive all the appreciation for my work and believe that I still have a lot to learn.

Q. How challenging is the job?

Any field you choose to be in will be challenging and that is what makes your work exciting. The job of a casting director is definitely challenging as we need to understand the demands of the character, the expectations of the producer and actor, and convince them accordingly. Today, I feel that I have been able to overcome these challenges. I love challenges because they motivate me to deliver better each day.

Q. What are the factors you consider while casting someone?

While casting, the most important thing is to consider what a particular character demands and research accordingly to get a perception regarding the kind of look required. For me, acting is the main priority to do justice to a character, which is followed by looks.

Many a times an actor has the right look but not the ability to deliver the particular emotion the character needs. An actor must be able to breathe life into a character by portraying the right emotions to make it believable to the viewers.

Q. Where would you want to see yourself five years from now?

Five years down the line, I would definitely want to be more successful than I am today. I believe that learning is a continuous process and there is always scope for improvement. If a person believes that he has reached perfection, then there will be nothing left for him to do, which will only foster inaction. Hence, I want to work hard and keep growing all my life.

Q. Given a chance, would you like to change anything about the way casting directors work?

Not really. Everyone should be loyal to their work and give their 100 per cent which will earn them growth and respect. Besides that, one should follow their own work pattern and ethics.

Q. What will be your message for future casting directors?

If you want to live a good life, respect all and work wholeheartedly.