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Commercial gallery manager is emerging as one of the best options for those who wish to pursue a job in this field.

Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi |

If you are planning to pursue your career with colours, and your interest is in fine arts. Visualising your future as a commercial gallery manager would be the best idea to enhance your occupation. Commercial Gallery Manager is someone, who manages the art gallery, organises art events, and look after the sales and marketing of the art gallery, by collaborating with the artists and the dealers.

Art Gallery manager selects the piece of art from different artists to intensify his/her gallery. This profession is for someone who has the passion to paint their imaginations with colours and who have the talent to pen down their creativity in the best possible way.

One should also have better skills in accounts, sales, marketing and presentation. You may own your personal gallery or you can work for the gallery director, in both the cases your responsibility will be to take care of the success of the artist and the commercial success of the gallery.

Responsibilities: If you love to develop your career and have skills to bear responsibilities then the profession of Gallery Manager suites you. There are different types of roles and responsibilities involved for the post. He/ She have to look after all the ups and downs happening in the gallery.

Gallery manager looks after all the monetary related issues like income, expenditure, profit, loss etc., selects artwork, plans, present, and publicise piece of arts in exhibitions, manages public relations, works with different artists, built good relationships with other artists working under same umbrella, keeps himself or herself up to date with the latest trends of the market and many more.

Qualification: A person from any stream having knowledge of arts, known about the history of arts, or business can become an art gallery manager. Knowledge as well as proper training both are equally important in this field. In this age of knowledge and showoff having a degree in concern, field is also important and beneficial.

One can have the degree and certificate from any reputed college or institution of art to add stars in his/her work profile. One can do BFA (Bachelor in fine arts) after finishing 10+2 for heading a step forward to become Gallery Manager. After doing MFA (Masters in fine arts) one can see himself/herself as an art gallery manager.

Skills required: Someone having special interest in art and history of art can become a gallery manager. A person having creativity in blood and innovation in mind can be a perfect art gallery manager. Management skills, as well as the notion of developing good relations with artists and clients, are also important for an art gallery manager. They should be upto- date with the ongoing trend of the market so that he/she can keep the gallery on the top on the trendy market.

Salary: In this field of creativity, one can earn a salary according to their experience and creativity. In the first stage of your job you may not get a hand full, but as soon you get experience, enhance your creative skills, learn market techniques your can blaze like stars with handsome salary. The minimum salary of an art gallery manager can be 10 lakhs and after experience and promotion, one can earn more and more.

The writer is director, Delhi College of Art.