Choosing avenues for professionals

Digital marketing sector offers attractive opportunities for those who are interested in this field.

Choosing avenues for professionals

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In a world where everything is available at the click on a smart phone, it is very difficult to escape from this digital world especially in the space of marketing where one would witness changes from one to many approaches and one to one tactics.

With more and more jobs being added to the service sector due to digital marketing, there wouldn’t be any better time to become a professional and conquer the world of marketing. The focus of brands currently are social media marketing, Search engine optimisation, content marketing via blogs, email campaigns, landing page optimisation, search engine marketing among others.

With companies adapting to these marketing strategies, it becomes important for individuals to grab this opportunity and learn the components of digital marketing and become an expert. India has a bright future in this sector and will open many new doors for professionals wishing to have a boom in their careers.


The up rise in the use of internet services in India serves as an excellent platform for the online brands, which require making optimum use of this given opportunity.

They face hurdles due to lack of quality time they can invest in tasks like SEO, content ideation, social media strategy, email marketing, website design, and more and alongside understanding the top, middle and bottom funnel objectives and their target audience. To their rescue comes in the expert, who is a digital marketing professional. An aspirant can work as an SEO, SMO, Email marketer, Affiliate Marketing professional, PPC Expert, Blogger/Content Writer, Digital Marketing Manager, etc.

They have many choices. They can work as a professional or can begin as an entrepreneur. They can earn through freelancing projects or make additional income through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing.

Companies are coming up with bigger budgets, increased pays and more and more career choices for people wishing to work in this field. In fact, digital marketing is one of the few service sector industries where one can expect to grow faster and climb up the job ladder.

In today’s market scenario, factors like- Organic Search Optimisation, Paid Search and Display Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Management, Email and Newsletter Marketing, Digital Analytics and Tracking, Content Marketing, Direct Email Marketing, etc are of primary importance. And, there are a tremendous growth and learning opportunities one can expect consequent to these.

A new bee can get up to 15K-20K every month in a mid-level to a large company. In start-up organisations the starting salary might be slightly lesser from 20K per month. However, it rises once you get certified and achieve an experience of 2-3 years. This gives you the power to negotiate and can obtain an amount varying from 40-45k. More than five years of experience makes an individual qualified enough to earn somewhere between 10-15 lakhs.

With the growing of digital marketing everywhere make sure that you arrive at the right place; here selecting an established name to avail certification becomes important. The growth of a digital marketers’ salary is dependent on the nature of experience and the companies a person has worked for. This is why it is suggested to get a certification in digital marketing. Once you are certified and with the right abilities you can expect a 40 per cent hike with a little negotiation in your salary.

A degree in digital marketing adds sheen to your career.

Also, the course makes you an expert in specific areas and master in several practices starting from the usage of internet to mobile application, SEO, visuals, Search Engine Advertising, etc.

When you choose to undertake a digital marketing course, you must consider certain points to go-through. Choosing something different helps you stand brave and unique in your stream. It’s all about choosing a course which suits your potential and requisites and also helps you improve you capabilities in the area of developing newer and innovative advertising ideas. There are institutes like Delhi School of Internet Marketing, NIIT, and Manipal Global Education Services that offers professional digital marketing training.

DSIM offers Masters in Digital Marketing Training Program- a combination of four different courses in one and it delivers 36 modules and 15 certifications. It’s also worth mentioning that DSIM’s course is suited for both beginners and professionals. NIIT also offers Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Regardless of which field of marketing, industry or academic background you belong too; digital marketing is one of the few courses suited to everyone and the certificate course can sharpen the essentials.

This is the right time to add on this skill of digital marketing to your experience and fasten the growth of your career. It also opens plethora of opportunities to look up to from full time digital marketer and freelancing opportunities as a part time consultant.

The writer is founder, Delhi School of Internet Marketing