‘Immerse in the culture of modern China’

New York University Shanghai is the first American University with an independent legal status approved by the Ministry of Education…

‘Immerse in the culture of modern China’

New York University Shanghai is the first American University with an independent legal status approved by the Ministry of Education in China. Founded in 2012, students at the university have been pursuing studies in 19 different courses in various departments.  Eric H. Mao, Assistant Dean of Graduate and Advanced Education, NYU Shanghai, informs the university’s offerings of a variety of Master’s and PhD programmes focused on domains important to contemporary society which bridge the NYU global network and feature rigorous academic experiences for students. Excerpts from an email interaction:

Q What is the eligibility criterion for students globally and in China?

An outstanding transcript is necessary but does not guarantee a place at NYU Shanghai as we evaluate a student’s overall abilities. Our students must be able to communicate in and out of the classroom. We require them to have a strong grasp of English skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing and our classes are conducted in English. With regard to individual characteristics, the ideal NYU Shanghai student will possess a willingness to open him or herself to new experiences, a sense of intellectual adventure, and a desire to push themselves by learning to listen and ask questions. In short, we are looking for tomorrow’s inventors, entrepreneurs, scholars and leaders.


Q What is the admission procedure for the upcoming academic year?

All are rigorously evaluated not only on the basis of standardised examinations, but also through a holistic analysis of multiple quantitative and qualitative variables. Non-Chinese applicants must complete the Common Application Online from where one can choose their campus and programme preferences.

You’ll need contact information for the counselor or other school representative who will complete your Common Application School Report and submit your official high school transcript. Also the contact information for one teacher (or two, maximum) who will complete the Teacher Evaluation form. A non-refundable $80.00 for application fee is required. There is also an option of waiver.

The necessary documents include results from standardised tests and/or national exams — the SAT reasoning test; the ACT; or three SAT subject test or AP exam scores (one in literature or humanities, one in math or science, and one of your choosing); or the International Baccalaureate Diploma; or three IB higher-level exam scores (if you are not an IB diploma candidate); or results from a nationally accredited exam that is considered locally to signify the completion of secondary education, is administered independently of the student’s school, and has been approved by the NYU office of undergraduate admissions; the Common Application School Report and official high school transcript; one teacher evaluation; the common application mid-year report  by 1 March (this should show your first semester senior year grades) and the Common Application Final Report with final transcript, showing proof of graduation by 1 July (admitted students only).

For the SAT, SAT subject test, AP and TOEFL, the NYU code is 2562; for the ACT, the NYU code is 2838.

At the graduate level, admission procedures and requirements vary by programmes. These are jointly offered with other NYU schools based in New York. For some programmes, students must apply to the NYU Shanghai graduate admissions office while for others, students will apply to the counterpart office of our NYU school partner in New York.

Q Is there a placement procedure for graduating students?

NYU Shanghai features a Career Development Center dedicated to the professional development of students and committed to connecting them with various employers. NYU Shanghai’s first graduates are already making their mark around the world as they realise their passions.

Our inaugural undergraduate class live in 23 countries, with 51 per cent living outside their home country. More than 15 per cent of our non-Chinese students have remained in China. More than half are working and nearly 40 per cent have gone on to pursue advanced degrees. Their companies and organisations include NGOs like ACCESS Health International, leading companies like Adidas, Blackrock, China International Capital Corporation, Google, IBM, Morgan Stanley, and service organisations like the Peace Corps.

Among those who went on to advanced study, 10 enrolled in PhD programmes and 79 in Master’s from such schools as Harvard, Cambridge, Tsinghua, MIT, Hong Kong University, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Melbourne among others. Two third were based in North America, with the other third in Europe, Asia and elsewhere. Finally, two earned admission to the prestigious Schwarzman Scholars programme, one was awarded a Princeton in Asia fellowship, and another earned a Fulbright grant.

Q What are the upcoming growth plans of the university?

NYU Shanghai is poised to nearly double its student population over the next couple of years, reaching more than 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The university also has aggressive plans for new faculty hiring, new programme development, and advancing research initiatives. We will continue to assess where opportunities lie and where they match up well with our strengths.

Q What are the benefits of choosing this university?

There is simply no other university in the world like NYU, and no other place like Shanghai where one can receive a world-class global education, immerse in the culture of modern China, create relationships with a worldwide community of classmates and faculty, and acquire an experience that will be forever distinguishing. Our students come from more than 70 countries.