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Accomplish with confidence

These important last minute tips will help candidates crack the Civil Services Mains Exam which is round the corner.

AK Mishra |

Civil Services Mains Exam is less than a month away now, and candidates preparing for it must be feeling the stress, anxiety and the pressure of this second stage of the most competitive examination.

This 20 days’ time left for mains exam seems foggy with a lot to study and not enough time to finish it all. Managing time and overcoming the 11th-hour panic becomes a difficult task for the aspirants at this stage. And therefore, to help them take a breath of ease, here are some important last-minute tips to make most of these last few days:

o Avoid reading new materials like bulky books and notes that you have not touched in your course of preparation, except current affairs. Focus on revising from your pre-prepared notes for all static part, but stay abreast with everyday current affairs related to topics given in the syllabus. This will help to get a better hold on the topics.

o Take mains test series, as this will make you exam ready, give a fair idea of probable questions, enhance the answer-writing practice and boost up confidence.

o Revise mind maps to retain important points that will help in writing factual and a well-framed answer.

o Make sure to review all the important topics, facts, figures, concepts and current affairs during your last minute preparation. Devote decent time for proper revision. Stick to whatever you have studied.

o Practice writing answers to check your speed and clarity. Many times while writing we recall numerous important points which have been studied earlier, so it will be an added benefit of the last minute preparations.

o Visit government websites to keep a track of recently launched schemes, plans and initiatives the governing authorities are planning upon or working on.

o An optimistic approach is pivotal to success in mains. Stay motivated. Read things that make you feel confident, talk to people who make you feel good and give time to things that keep you happy.

o Discuss the current issues and important topics with peer group or seniors among others to broaden your perspective over the issues. Understanding the views of common public will help you become an administrator in the long run.

o A proper seven hour sleep will help the brain to work optimally. Maintaining a proper biological clock is essential to keep you fresh and prepare for writing the examination.

o Interact with fellow candidates, discuss with them the concepts but always try to follow your own strategy as you know best regarding your strengths and weaknesses.

o Avoid cramming and revise. Revision is the best way to write the exams well. Also, keep your focus on the optional subject as it decides your future rank.

o Don’t make last moment changes in strategies, plans or other study techniques. Sudden hustle-bustle will only create confusion.

Have faith in yourself. It is extremely important to trust in your hard work and dedication. Everything will fall in place if the attitude is right. So go ahead and give it your best shot.

The writer is founder and director, Chanakya IAS Academy.