The fast moving world and the extensive industrial developments not only makes our lives simple but also create a vast number of opportunities. Today, there are various scopes explored by the young, yet some unexplored avenues too. One such area is packaging. But due to the paucity of skilled talent in the industry, this profession remains undiscovered. 

The Indian Institute of Packaging offers various short and long term courses in this field. It runs a two year full time post graduate diploma and is eligible for fresh graduates in science or engineering who aspire to make a career in this field. “The Indian packaging industry has not only grown in size and volume, but also in its level of operation. In addition, globalisation has also forced to become more competitive in the overall markets to win major contracts abroad,” said Bidhan Das, deputy director and branch head, Indian Institute of Packaging.

They are involved in various activities like testing and evaluation of packaging materials and packages, consultancy services and research, and other development related. Besides this, they offer training and education in the specific subject. The role of packaging in modern methods of distribution through super markets and malls has therefore, assumed great importance. Thus, the demand of this subject makes the job challenging. 

The institute offers placement opportunities in top brands like ITC, Hindustan Pvt Ltd, Abbott Laboratories, Procter and Gamble, Zydus Cadila, etc, with a minimum package of 5 lakh to 10 lakh per annum to students who successfully complete their two year PGDP.

At the front of research and development, they are involved to the package design and development, formulation of packaging standards, enhancement of shelf life through innovative packaging system. Recently, the institute has filed a patent for the packaging concept where it has packed liquid jaggery in the plastic based laminated collapsible tube to enhance the shelf life from five days to 90 days.

This is a national apex body which was set up in 1966 by the packaging and allied industries and the ministry of commerce with the specific objective of improving the packaging standards in the country. This is an autonomous body working under the administrative control. The main objective is to promote the export market by way of innovative package design and development as well as to upgrade the overall standards of packaging in the country.

It offers an entry level salary bracket of Rs 5 lakh to 8 lakh per annum after a postgraduate diploma. The institute is closely linked with major international packaging organisations world over like the World Packaging Organisation, Asian Packaging Federation, International Trade Centre, and Geneva has been working for the overall growth and development of packaging globally.