Star Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has been booked on seven charges, including attempt to murder by ‘food poisoning and physical attack’, after his wife Hasin Jahan filed a complaint against him a few of days ago.

Rape charges had also been levelled against Shami’s elder brother. According to media reports, the FIR was registered under sections 498A, 323, 307, 376, 506, 328, 34 of the Indian Penal Code against Shami and four others following Hasin Jahan’s complaint.

Following the allegations, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) withheld its annual contract with Shami and now he may also lose his contract with Indian Premier League franchise Delhi Daredevils.

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Here are 10 quotes by Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami in the on-going matter.

1- On Wednesday, 7th March, Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan leaked a series of photos of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger chats on social media, consisting of Shami’s alleged chats with many women.

“Whatever I have posted is just the tip of the iceberg. Shami’s acts are far more heinous. He has relationships with multiple women,” Jahan told ABP News.

Jahan also claimed that the phone was gifted to him by Delhi-based franchise.

“If I’m not wrong, he was gifted that phone by Delhi Daredevils in 2014. Though, he kept on denying it,” she said.

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2- Hasin Jahan claimed not just Shami but even his family members tortured her.

“Everyone in their family used to torture me. His mother and brother used to abuse me. The tortures continued till 2-3 am in the morning. They even wanted to kill me,” claimed Jahan.

“Shami abused me and started beating me even after returning from South Africa. He has been doing this for quite some time now and now I have had enough. I tried to convince myself for the sake of my family and daughter but he kept on harassing me and when I found those obscene chats with multiple women, all hell broke. I cannot tolerate this anymore and I have decided to take legal actions with all the available evidence. Instead of accepting his own mistakes, he used to vent his anger on me and even threaten me, asking to keep mum for my own goodwill.”

3- Mohammed Shami took to Facebook and denied all the claims made by his wife.


I’m Mohammad Shami.

Ye jitna bhi news hamara personal life ke bare may chal raha hai, ye sab sarasar jhut hai, ye koi bahut bada humare khilap sajish hai or ye mujhe Badnam karne or mera game kharab karne ka kosis ki ja rahi hai,” Shami wrote on Facebook.

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4- Following Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan accusations of cheating and domestic violence, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced the new contract for Indian players from which Shami was excluded.

According to a report published by NDTV, Shami’s contract has not been renewed due to his wife’s allegations of torture and extra-marital affairs.

“Shami has been dropped from the player contract system because his wife filed a complaint against him,” a source close to BCCI told NDTV.

As per reports, the Indian pacer can win back the BCCI contract once proven innocent.

“Shami has been dropped from the contract due to disciplinary reason and will be included in the contract list if (his) innocence is proved,” sources said.

5- On Thursday, Hasin Jahan claimed Shami was planning to abandon her after his South Africa tour by taking away the property and insurance papers. “I have been tolerating all this for the past five years. He has been asking for the divorce for two years,” she said, adding that Shami is only concerned with money and fame and not his family.

“I’ve done everything he wanted me to do. I left my modelling career, job and also did not step out of the house,” Hasin said, adding, “I’m not going to divorce him till my last breath. I’ve all evidence against him and will soon drag him to court.”

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6- Responding to allegations made by Hasin Jahan, Shami claimed he is innocent.

“All these accusations made against me are baseless. They have no meaning. She said that this has been happening for five years. The fact is that we have been married just for four years,” Shami told ANI.

“If this (the abuse) has been happening for five years then why did it come out now’. Why did it take five years for it to come out’. According to me, this is a well thought out conspiracy against me. I want to remain just as normal as you’ve always seen me. On Holi and every other festival, I’ve been with my family. Spent time with my daughter and wife. Even after my wife was trolled so much in the past I stood by her. And I would like to stand by her today as well,” Shami said.

7- Hasin Jahan claimed Shami took money from a Pakistani woman (Alishba) under the influence of a businessman named Mohammed Bhai.

“If Mohammed Shami can cheat me then he can cheat the country as well. He accepted money from a Pakistani girl named Alishba in Dubai. He agreed to accept it after the insistence of England-based Mohammed Bhai. I have proof,” Jahan said to ABP.

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8- Responding to match-fixing claims, Shami said his wife had “lost her mental balance”.

“She has lost her mental stability. She has to prove all the allegations made against me. If I have tortured her then she needs to prove it.” Shami said in a press conference.

“As far as the allegation of compromising my performance while playing for the country is concerned, I would rather die than do something like this,” Shami added.

9- A day after an FIR was filed against pacer Mohammed Shami, his wife Hasin Jahan has made even more disturbing allegations.

As per media reports, Jahan alleged that Shami was forcing her to have physical relations with his brother.

10- Hasin Jahan leaked phone conversation with Mohammed Shami during a press conference.

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Here are the details of the alleged phone conversation:

“Shami please don’t lie. When will you tell the truth? You don’t care about me, our daughter, our families, you don’t about anyone. You might care about that Pakistani girl so I urge you to tell the truth in Alishba’s name. Are these chats yours?”

“No” (male voice)

“When you said you didn’t have a Dubai visa and you can’t leave the hotel room then how did you get one? Why did you lie to me? It’s clear you are lying to me,” asked Hasin.

“I had a visa,” (male voice).

“You texted Alishba giving her the room details in the same hotel in Dubai. Was this also done by Mohammed bhai? When Alishba was waiting at belt no. 7 (at the airport) she knew your landing and take-off time. Was this all being done by Mohammed bhai?” asked Hasin.

“Mohammed bhai had sent me money through Alishba so I had to take the money from her.” (male voice)

“You have only indulged in dirty chatting with her, Shami. You never mentioned receiving money…”

“But when I asked you about Alishba last night you said, “where did Alishba come from?”

“First you did all the drama with Alishba and then you said where did Alishba come from? You had sex with Alishba!”

“Listen don’t talk about sex” (male voice).