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Olympic star Dipa Karmakar undergoes knee surgery

A major blow to the girl with the big heart, but one can hope she is back without much delay!

SNS | New Delhi |

Millions of sports fans across the country were dismayed to find out that star gymnast Dipa Karmkar has undergone major surgery on her knee, news which came via the athlete’s Twitter profile on Tuesday.

Her tweet read:
“Hi everyone, ek update hai. Mujhe recently practice mein injury hua aur ACL ka surgery hua hai. Rehab shuru hai, jaldi wapis aaungi!” 
The tweet essentially says that she got injured while practicing and her surgery has been successful. She has started her rehabilitation and is going to do her best to come back without much delay.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is common in high-intensity sports such as football, rugby and gymnastics, but the layoff time varies from person to person. 

Rehabilitation is said to be excruciatingly slow initially and many professionals have seen their careers come to a premature end by this dreaded injury. 
In any case, Dipa will realistically be looking to get back to competing by the end of 2017, not before. The fact that she is young is definitely in her favour and the entire nation will be praying that she gets fit as soon as possible.