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Dipa Karmakar aiming ‘to remain fit for next two World Cup events’

Dipa also urged people to stay at home as the nation continues to fight the dreaded COVID-19 infection.

SNS | New Delhi |

As the entire country is in the middle of a lockdown, star Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar is determined to keep herself fit at her home in Agartala. She not only plans to participate at least in the next World Cup but is eyeing the World Cup after that as well.

“ The Tokyo Olympics was postponed to 2021 due to outbreak of Coronavirus. Two World Cups are left and I am now keeping myself fit through exercise that was suggested by my coach Bisweswar Nandi Sir. My target is to remain fit for next two World Cup events,” Dipa told the reporters at her residence as quoted by Hindustan Times.

Dipa, known for her Produnova Vault in Rio Olympics in 2016 that left her tantalisingly close to a historic bronze medal, urged people to stay at home during the lockdown which is likely to be extended after PM Narendra Modi’s meeting with all the Chief Ministers of various states.

“ Staying indoors, maintaining social distance, washing hands with soaps or hand sanitizers, are the ways to protect from Coronavirus. I appeal to people to stay at home and keep fit,” she said.

The dreaded coronavirus has already infected over 16,00,000 people worldwide while over a lakh people have lost their lives after contracting the infection.