FIFA Women’s World Cup Round of 16 begins without Germany, Brazil

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: A sneak peek into the round of 16 Marta Silva’s retirement from football at the…

FIFA Women’s World Cup Round of 16 begins without Germany, Brazil

FIFA Women's World Cup: Morocco beat Colombia to reach last 16 for first time (photo: IANS)

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: A sneak peek into the round of 16

Marta Silva’s retirement from football at the Women’s FIFA World Cup was expected but unexpected was that the entire Brazil team would exit from the World Cup so early. On a good note, goals scored by Germany’s Alexandra Popp and Columbia’s Linda Caciedo lifted the mood of the stadium. For now, though, let’s focus on the top 16 teams who will compete against their rivals starting tomorrow.

1. Spain vs Switzerland

Talking about the first round of 16 matches which will take place tomorrow is between the top contender of Group A (Switzerland) and the second-ranked team of Group C (Spain). The match will carry high intensity within itself as it will be a clash between Alexia’s team who have some great players like Esther and Bonmati who can give a tough fight to the Swiss army containing players Bachmann and Coumba Sow.

2. Japan vs Norway

Japan is one of the most dominating contenders this season and has shown some world-class football during the group stage. Hinata Miyazawa is one of the leading goal scorers this World Cup who has affected the squad majorly and is currently running for the Golden Boot award. While Norway, which has been playing a balanced football style this season has managed to pass the group stage but needs to be aware of the Japanese style of play and the crossing style which Japan inherits.


3. Netherlands vs South Africa

The former World Cup finalist will be facing the underdogs, South Africa this time. The match will be an interesting one to watch because the Netherlands who have a strong and impactful squad this season can destroy the African plan easily but South Africa has been playing unpredictably this year after showing some amazing gameplay against world-class teams like, Italy and Argentina

4. Sweden vs USA

The match will consist of true competitiveness as the defending champions will face off against the top leader of group G who has been unstoppable this season due to their star performer, Amanda Ilestdt.

5. England vs Nigeria

The English side played a safe game securing three wins against all its group competitors of Group D, while Nigeria, secured the spot due to goal differences and luck which Group B witnessed, fortunately. The match will be more inclined towards England although the World Cup games are not more than just surprises.

6. Australia vs Denmark

The host nation was able to manage on their positives and thus have placed a safe and secured spot on the Cup’s next stage. While Denmark, who finished second in group D was impactful but was able to show their power against weak competitors and also carry players like Vansgaard. The match will be important to watch.

7. Colombia vs Jamaica

The match will be more shifted towards the South American side due to their amazing talents like Linda Caicedo and Vanegas but the match will be worth watching as seeing a team like Jamaica who managed to cross the group stages must have some talent in them.

8. Morocco vs France

Morocco has been possessed by a magic trick it seems, from 2022. The nation showed a miracle in the Men’s World Cup in Qatar and now the women’s side has started showing talent after the 1-0 victory over the mighty Colombia and securing a win over South Korea after losing a match 6-0 against Germany, who brushed them. France, recently appointed their new coach, former French player, Herve Renard who coached Saudi Arabia and shocked the world with a victory over defending champion Argentina. The team has some great, talented players like Wendie Renard, Kadidiatou Diani, and Selma Bacha who can dominate the African side.

The first match of the Round of 16 will take place today at 10:30 am IST.