Growth Budget

The first post-election Union Budget has sparked significant interest, particularly due to its dual focus on job creation and rural development.

Historic Transition

President Joe Biden’s decision to step down from the 2024 presidential race is a seismic shift in American politics, setting the stage for one of the most unpredictable elections in recent history.

Pacific Outreach~I

I n the new geopolitical contestation and great power rivalry that has seen the United States and China pitched against each other in spreading their respective spheres of influence in various regions of the world, the smaller countries are exposed to their vulnerabilities when wooed either by strategic compulsions or economic doles.

A return to ‘smoke-filled’ rooms?

Now that Joe Biden has dropped out of the 2024 presidential race and endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris to be the nominee, it will ultimately be up to Democratic National Convention delegates to formally select a new nominee for their party.

Liberal ideology and gender stereotypes

The conversations around the introduction of unisex uniforms have seen another school in Kerala breaking gender stereotypes. The Government Tribal Lower Primary School in Attathodu has become the first tribal school in the State to embrace gender-neutral uniforms. While gender equality was the dominating factor in the decision taken by the Balussery school, convenience and utility lie at the heart of the one taken by the tribal school.

Lessons Sri Lanka must learn from its economic debacle

A process and skill, which the governing party, the ruling family and the powerful generals and admirals running the country seemingly have in short supply, if at all. Sri Lanka’s democratic institutions of governance must be allowed to function freely, robustly and independently. That is not really the case today. We do not need a Hitler, we need a Mandela.

Unenergetic Germany

Add to this the massive demand from China, and it is no surprise gas prices have soared. Russia, which provides over 40 per cent of EU gas imports, officially denies restricting supplies to Europe but it is an open secret that this screw is tightened by the Kremlin when required tactically. It is key leverage for President Putin, and he knows it.

Pyongyang’s playbook

Pyongyang appears to be inching closer to its earlier threat to consider suspending a self-imposed moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests amidst an impasse in its nuclear negotiations with America. The latest launch suggests that Kim’s moratorium is already broken. In recent months, North Korea has ramped up its testing activity.

The Bad Bank

Bank trade unions and other critics say, with evidence that is difficult to deny, that the bad bank is going to be one more route to help corporate and other big loan evaders. The course involves a corporate entity borrowing money from the bank, then becoming insolvent after some time and defaulting on the loan, leading the bank to sell the assets dirt cheap to another corporation