Money will decide future of game in US

Within a congested sporting summer, we might have already witnessed the most unexpected sporting moment of 2024. In what has been dubbed “one of the biggest shocks in cricket history”, the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup co-hosts USA beat Pakistan in a pulsating game on June 6.

Trapped in America with love for cricket

Baseball, hotdog, apple pie and Chevrolet are said to be the essence of Americana. In my desire to get assimilated into American society I have dabbled in all of them.

Poll dissection

The 2024 Lok Sabha election results underscore the dynamic nature of Indian politics. As the dust settles, a closer look reveals intriguing insights into the performances of the two main contenders: the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the INDIA bloc.

Cautious Fed

The US Federal Reserve’s decision to maintain interest rates within the 5.25 per cent-5.50 per cent range and signalling only one rate cut in 2024 reveals a nuanced approach to economic management.

Personalized Medicine

June 14 is a day to remember. On this day in 1868, Karl Landsteiner was born. Two hundred years before this date, on 15 June 1667, the first human blood transfusion was administered by JeanBaptiste Denis.

Democracy on a ventilator?

The word crisis comes from the Greek word “krisis”, meaning decision- making. The crisis of democracy, however you define it, is a crisis of leadership in decision-making and how different societies choose their leaders to make these tough decisions. Electoral promises are meaningless if there are no deliverables in an accountable manner.

Religion in HK

The Vatican regards Hong Kong as a single diocese so it has only one bishop. Without mentioning President Xi Jinping or issuing any instructions or orders, the mainland speakers explained how Xi’s policy of “Sinicization” aligned with long-term Vatican policies of inculturation, in effect adapting Christianity in traditional, nonChristian cultures

A world divided

The divide is stark and shows us that within the same world where some countries have announced a fourth dose of the vaccine, there are others where people have not received even one. And to that extent, these countries make up the powder keg on which the rest of the world sits.

A medical mess

Post-graduate professors are already overburdened and the simultaneous running of two batches, under the circumstances, is far from practical. Deprivation of medical care to patients in a situation exacerbated by the threat of Omicron, a possible brain-drain and the financial loss to the nation cannot be measured in monetary terms

The muddied road to a Presidency

When former President Roh Moo-hyun killed himself in 2009 during Lee’s presidency while a prosecution probe was underway into an alleged bribery involving the previous president’s wife, Moon, the political heir to Roh, called him the victim of political reprisal. If personal enmity has not been healed yet, the president could still free the 80-year-old conservative predecessor out of political calculations. Moon can forgive himself of his own version of political vendetta.