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Letters to the Editor

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Feasibility of a Cong-BJP national government
SIR, ~ The people of India are looking forward to a national government that could include the Congress and the BJP. Over the past five years, several Congress leaders and ministers have been involved in scams and financial irregularities. The latest is Rajiv Shukla who is allegedly involved in match-fixing and various other misdeeds of the IPL and BCCI. The Congress has to find an acceptable personality who can play a crucial role in the formation of a national government. On the other hand, the BJP has quite a few tainted leaders, but their number is nowhere near that of the Congress. The void can be filled quite easily with leaders of  the Aam Aadmi Party. Its leaders have earned the faith and confidence of the people all over the country. The CPI-M, for quite obvious reasons, is not in the picture. It has to maintain an equidistance from both the Congress and the BJP. Not much importance is being attached to the Third Front or the Federal Front, as proposed by Mamata Banerjee. These are essentially pre-election trial balloons floated by frustrated and disgruntled regional party leaders. Miss Banerjee is known to be a wrecker of alliances. She had pulled out of the NDA; more recently she withdrew from the UPA. Her major interest is in the minority vote.
yours, etc., tusar kanti kar, howrah, 18 june.
No law, no order
SIR, ~ Under the Trinamul Congress dispensation, rape and murder have become daily features of life in West Bengal. To this can be added the intra-party feud that can be mortal, extortion, intimidation, threats to those who do not heed the ruling party&’s diktat, assault on journalists and so on. Even if they are arrested, the police takes its time to file the charge-sheet. The accused is freed on bail after a bout of half-hearted interrogation. They are often charged under relatively mild sections of the Cr PC. The investigating agencies do not probe the cases earnestly to pin down the culprits, if they are even remotely connected with any of the ruling party leaders. Or if a hoodlum is patronised by the ruling party. In the net, the underworld is encouraged to commit more crimes with impunity. According to media reports, those suspected to have committed the rape and murder at Kamduni village in Barasat have threatened the victim&’s  brothers  with dire consequences, once they are released on bail. Over the past fortnight, four cases of rape and murder have been reported from different parts of West Bengal. The law and order situation has worsened all over the state. In many areas, neither men nor women can stir out of their homes at night.
yours, etc., anil kumar choudhury, kalyani, 18 june.
Nature and environment
SIR, ~ This is with reference to Mahasweta Chaudhury&’s article, “Environment protection”. Appropriately enough, it was published on World Environment Day, 5 June. The author rightly suggests that in order to save precious fossil-fuel, the use of electricity, cars or paper (to save trees) needs to be curbed. This will protect nature and environment. Nature should at once be revered and feared in the interest of  conservation. Admittedly, this cannot be done through legislation. The relation between nature and mankind is similar to that of mother and  son.
As Ms Chaudhury has rightly written: “Frequent floods, soil erosion, global warming and change in weather patterns, erratic rainfall, even eruption of volcanoes are some of the recent indicators of serious natural calamities. In this overall phenomenon, the human being is the main actor with modern technological activities geared to fulfil the needs of modern life”.
The importance of nature and environment must be inculcated at the school level. By the time the children grow up, they will be in a position to grasp the criticality of both. Regretfully, we waste science and technology to fulfil our insatiable needs.
yours, etc., tapan patra, belsingha, 24 pgs (south), 10 june. 
Property tax
SIR, ~ This is in response to your report, ‘General revaluation to begin in 18 KMC wards from July’. I live in Atabagan, an area under KMC&’s Ward No. 111. Of late, a large number of apartment blocks have come up here and the majority of  flat-owners have not registered the property in their names, thereby evading stamp-duty. Nor have they mutated the property in their names. This is to avoid the payment of property tax, thus depriving KMC of a fair amount of revenue. Very few residents have abided by the rules and they are paying property-tax. Those who pay the tax regularly are often ridiculed by the others. The residents of Sonar Tari Apartment, B-65, Atabagan, Kolkata-700153 are among the major defaulters. They have neither registered their property in their names nor are they paying property-tax.
yours, etc., narayan ch das munshi, kolkata, 5 june.