Rush Of Passengers From The Hills
The burst of the monsoon in the plains, about which there is now absolutely no doubt, is responsible for the return to Calcutta of many, who escaped from the insufferable heat here, and have been spending a pleasant time in Darjeeling. For the past ten days the Darjeeling Mail has invariably run into Sealdah with more than its full load of passengers, and it is quite apparent that the intense sultry heat of the last few days, after the splendid weather they have enjoyed in the hills has been most trying. To add to their troubles, the down Darjeeling Mail has not been coming through in scheduled time, delays owing to traffic difficulties occurring all over and principally at the ferry across from Sara to Damukdia. It arrived almost punctually to time on Wednesday, but was again over an hour late yesterday, owing to the lines being damaged at and near the Damukdia Ghat by the recent rains.

Mr. B.N. Basu’s Application
At the High Court on Thursday before the Master in Chambers a plaint was presented by Babu Dwijendra Mohan Ghose on behalf of Mr. Bhupendra Nath Basu against the Hon. the Maharaja of Nashipur and the Hon. Mr. Surendranath Banerjea for a declaration that the last election by the non-official members of the Bengal Legislative Council to the Viceroy’s Legislative Council was void and invalid.
The voting at the election was 22 for Mr. Banerjea, 18 for the Maharaja of Nashipur and 17 for Mr. Basu. The objection taken was that two of the members voting had not taken the oath of allegiance before sending in their votes.
The plaint was admitted and a written statement directed to be filed.

(From Our Correspondent)
Bangalore, June 19
Madame Routh, a boarding housekeeper, has been lying unconscious since yesterday morning from the effects, it is believed, of either veronal or anti-pyrin poisoning. Last night she was sinking, but at noon today the doctors in attendance noticed a slight improvement in the condition of the heart. An empty phial without label and a letter and a sum of money were found in the room. The circumstances generally seem to point to self-administration owing to domestic trouble. The matter is in the hands of the Police.
20 June, 1913