Social reform is notoriously less popular than political reform with a large number of the articulate classes in India; and it is discouraging to be told that, even where there is an appearance of interest in it, appearances are largely deceptive. The Chairman of the Reception Committee of the Social Conference held recently at Vizagapatam made some telling remarks upon this aspect of the question. In his address to the delegates he said :- "I have had some experience of addressing audiences on social reform, and I am convinced that the generous applause that we get does not mean more than intellectual admiration or good-humoured raillery." He went on to ask "if they were justified in wasting their resources on a matter that was regarded more as a diversion than as serious business." It is creditable to Mr. Bhagiratha Row’s courage and enthusiasm that his depressing experiences have not damped his ardour in the cause.


Boulder On The Diamond Harbour Line
What is suspected to be a deliberate attempt to wreck a train is reported from the Mullickpore Railway station on the Diamond Harbour section of the Eastern Bengal State Railway. In the early hours of yesterday morning a large fencing stone pillar was discovered lying across the Down line about 500 yards from the station by a railway mistri. The mistri removed the stone, and reported the matter at Mullickpore. The Sonarpore Railway Police were informed, and they proceeded to the scene. The stone which was found on the line would undoubtedly have caused a derailment to any train passing over it, and from the manner in which the obstruction was placed across the metals it would appear to have been placed there with the express purpose of wrecking a train.

Prompt Turn Out Of Fire Brigade
Shortly after 11 o’clock last night the Calcutta Fire Brigade were called out to a fire at 79, Clive Street, a godown used for the storing of bolts and general ironmongery.
The Brigade turned out with two motor engines, a steam engine, and the escape, under Captain Westbrook, and were at work a few minutes after receiving the alarm. Their promptitude prevented the blaze from spreading and they had extinguished the fire before midnight. The damage done was inconsiderable.
The premises are occupied by Messrs. K.N. Ghose and Co
16 June, 1913

(From Our Correspondent)
Simla, June 15
The intensity of the Arabian Sea current has decreased, but the Bay current continues fairly active.
Rainfall has been nearly general in Assam, Bengal, and Central India East; fairly general in Burma, Bihar and Orissa, Central Provinces, and West Coast; local in the United Provinces.
Principal amounts : Kyaukpyu three inches; Akyab four; Cherrapunjee one; Dhubri, Cox’s Bazar, Jalpaiguri three; Chittagong five; Narayanganj and Naya Dumka one; Barisal, Jessore, and Bogra two; Mymensingh, Dinajpur, and Purnea one and a half; Benares two; Bahraich three; Jubbulpore and Pendra two; Seoni and Pachmarhi one; Ratnagiri one and a half.
The depression over Bengal has moved in a north-westerly direction and is now over Bihar. It will probably continue to travel along the Gangetic Plain and give moderate to heavy rain in its neighbourhood.
Forecast – Increase in rainfall in Bihar.
16 June, 1913