There was no dispute as to the facts in the Bombay “lift” assault case, which resulted in the imposition of a heavy fine upon a European assistant for striking a nephew of the late Mr. Justice Tyabji and throwing his cap out of the lift. The point at issue – judging from the full report appearing in some of the Bombay papers – narrowed itself to the simple one of whether it was or was not “decent” of an Indian who had entered a lift first to insist upon being carried up in preference to a European who was second on the scene. The accused strongly insisted that ordinary “decency” should have impelled the Indian to give place to him, but without going into this question the Magistrate held that the assault was without any justification and fined him Rs 30. Such cases are fortunately becoming exceedingly rare, and we do not imagine that the peculiar notion of “decency” enunciated by the defendant in this case has any wide currency among European in Bombay.


(From Our Correspondent)
Rangoon, June 10
The khalassis of the Central Fire-station struck work yesterday and left in a body for the Municipal office. They were met there by the officiating Chief Engineer who ordered them to return to the Fire-station where he promised he would listen to their grievances. After inquiring into the matter he reported it to the President who ordered the summary dismissal of two serangs for inciting men to mutiny and refusal to work. Upon this becoming known the whole Indian force left in a body. Temporary arrangements have been made for the protection of property from fire by municipal engineers.

(From Our Correspondent)
Khulna, June 10
The rain again commenced today at 4 am, and it is heavier than the rain of either of the preceding days. The town is practically under water. There was a cessation yesterday for almost the whole day with only a shower for a few minutes. But today the weather is again unsettled and there is rain with thunder and lightning. The cultivation of “aman” paddy seems to be almost hopeless, as all the “bheels” and paddy-fields are under water and the time for cultivation has already arrived. The price of rice has already risen. Seedlings of the “aus” paddy are being destroyed by the rain.

Baden To Vienna In Eight Hours
London, June 10
The Zeppelin airship Sachsen has flown from Baden to Vienna, a distance of 433 miles, in eight hours. The Sachsen, on its arrival, was received with salutes from guns and cheers from the crowds. It circled round the Schoenbrun Palace, from the balcony of which the Emperor watched its evolutions, and then descended at Aspern. The Burgomaster gave a banquet in honour of Count Zeppelin. The Government offers a prize of pound 3,000 for the best aeroplane engine. Orders to the amount of pound 40,000 will be given to the makers of the best engines fulfilling requirements.
 11 June, 1913