Watson Killed When “Looping The Loop”
On the opening night of Harmston’s Circus at Pasoeroean (a town close to Sourabaya) Watson, who performed the sensational aerial motor act, was killed outright. The Sourabaya Courant writes:- As is well known, this reckless person, after coming down from a height used to do a complete somersault in the air with his car, which would alight on its wheels. It appears that on the night in question, during the preparation of this tour de force, the motor did not arrive at the spot that it was calculated to do, and also the flooring with mattresses supported by springs to break the fall, was not quite in proper order. On the motor coming in contact with it, the former did not move any further owing to its being held back by a tightened rope which caused it to turn over with a heavy thud, killing the occupant outright.

Three Servants Arrested
(From Our Correspondent)
Ranchi, June 1
A case of attempted poisoning by arsenic or a similar substance has been reported to the police of Ranchi. On the 18th instant, Miss Davis, residing with Mr. and Mrs. Munnings, city architect, P.W.D., was taken seriously ill after partaking of porridge at breakfast. Three servants have been arrested on suspicion, at the house of one of whom some poisons are said to have been found. The police are awaiting the chemical examiner’s report. The alleged cause of the crime is the reduction of the pay of servants to the rates prevailing in the station, and to the careful supervision exercised by Miss Davis during her stay with her friends.
2 June, 1913